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Tips For Tenants

Welcome to your new home and Avalon Properties Inc. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

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Security Deposit Withholding:

Of course you would like to get all of your Security Deposit back when you leave and we would like to give it back to you in full because that means it’s less work for us, so here are a few things you should know to be able to achieve that.

Avalon Properties has up to 60 days to return all or part of your Security Deposit and you will receive written accounting for any and all deductions made.

If deductions are made, here are the most common reasons, but NOT ALL, as to why you might not get some or all of your Security Deposit back.

1. You Didn’t Read the Lease: The first biggest mistake a tenant can make is to sign a lease without reading it. That’s like buying a house without inspecting it. You may be happy that you ended up at the top of the list of potential renters for a dream apartment, and you may be hankering to move, but that’s no excuse for agreeing to terms you haven’t read.

 2. You Misunderstood the Lease Terms: “Ordinary Wear and Tear” is a phrase you might find in your lease, it’s up to you to clarify this or any other phrases before you sign. If your interpretation is different from that of the Landlord, the time to find out is before moving in, not when moving out. Take this opportunity to open an avenue of communication that can stand you in good stead during your tenancy.

3. You Didn’t Document Existing Damages: When you rent a car, you wouldn’t think about driving off the lot without first checking for damage. The same should be true when moving into a rental unit, but the process is a bit more complicated. To simplify it, take videos with your phone.

Comparing this video record—along with your “Property Condition Report”— to a similar record and “Property Condition Report” when you move out can protect you from liability for damage you didn’t cause and can save you from having to pay for it.

4. You Made Unauthorized Repairs: You didn’t like the generic colors your Landlord used to paint the unit, so you repainted without getting approval. The Landlord is entitled to deduct the cost for restoring the original colors from your security deposit. The same is true for any unauthorized change or repair you might have made, no matter how much of an improvement you believe it is. The takeaway is that, when repairs or improvements are wanted or needed, you should always check with Avalon and proceed on your own only when you get approval in writing.

5. You Overused Utilities: When the Landlord pays utilities, it’s easy to forget about them and accrue excessive charges. This is one of those instances in which clarifying the word “reasonable” is important, because the landlord may consider your need to keep the thermostat set at 85 degrees, raising the electric bill $100 a month, unreasonable. You could be docked for extra charges that were when you move out unless worked out an agreement in writing.

6. You Left Stuff Behind: When you move out, your stuff has to go with you. If you leave it for the Landlord to throw away, the disposal costs will come out of your security deposit.

7. You Didn’t Give Enough Notice: Things didn’t work out. Perhaps the upstairs tenant was too noisy, or you landed a better job in another city, and you just had to leave. When you choose to leave, you still need to observe the notice period-which is a minimum of 30 days and provide it in writing. If you failed to do that, the Landlord can apply the security deposit as reimbursement for the rent you were obligated to pay.

8. You Didn’t Clean Up: You don’t have to leave the unit in pristine condition when you move out. When excessive cleaning is required, however, the Landlord may apply part of your deposit to cover the expenses. This is another instance when the word “reasonable” may need clarification. For example, it’s reasonable to clean the kitchen and bathroom when a tenant moves out, but the Landlord may consider it unreasonable to have to scrub out stains that could have been prevented. If the cleaning job calls for extra effort, the money will come from your security deposit.

9. You Damaged The Property: These are examples of “Normal Wear and Tear” and examples of “Damage” and should not be considered as a complete list.

Normal Wear and Tear

  • A few small nail holes in the walls from hanging pictures
  • A few small stains on the carpet
  • A small amount of mildew forming in caulk or grout lines in the shower
  • Tarnish on bathroom fixtures
  • Loose handles or doors on kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • Reasonable amounts of dirt, dust, or grime on the floors, walls, or appliance


  • Multiple/large holes in walls
  • Huge stains or holes in carpet
  • Extensive water damage to hardwood floors
  • Missing outlet covers
  • Missing or damaged smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Cracked kitchen or bathroom counter top
  • Broken bathroom vanity
  • Broken doors or windows
  • Keys not returned at end of tenancy

10. You Violated Our Pet Policy

Your pet(s) created damage beyond “Normal Wear and Tear” and the Landlord/Owner has to make repairs after you have vacated the property due to your pet(s)

(Please see our pet policy below)

Maintenance Issues:

Avalon Properties Inc. represents a wide variety of Landlord/Owners for a wide variety of properties. When it comes to maintenance issues some Landlord/Owners will wish to complete repairs themselves or use their own contractors and others may ask Avalon to call an independent repair contractor on their behalf.

Other Landlord/Owners have their own maintenance crews, this is especially true with owners of large multi-family complexes and they will wish to use their crews for maintenance issues.

If you have maintenance issues, contact Avalon Properties as soon as possible, we will contact the owner to make the repair. Avalon Properties DOES NOT control the Landlord/Owner provided repair contractor(s) and therefore CAN NOT guarantee when the repairs will be preformed but every effort will be made to have repair completed quickly.


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