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Property Management Services

When searching for a company to manage your property, you want to find someone who can handle it all…

Our staff of qualified professionals offer a variety of services and are devoted to providing a team-based, hands-on approach to meet the needs of any situation. Developing a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of both the owner and the tenant, and efficiently managing this information is what sets us apart. We specialize in residential property management.


Why Lease With Avalon Properties?

Full Service

Full Realtor service, buying/selling and leasing for the customer.

MLS & Other Listings

List all vacancies in the multiple listing service (MLS), Zumper, and Avalon Properties’ website.


If necessary we can advertise in local publications at owner’s expense. This would be Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, AHRN,,

Management Fee
10% of rents collected. No hidden or additional fees.


Process legal evictions for non-payment or non-compliance of lease provisions.


Oversee maintenance of property through selected vendors, with quality & competitive pricing in mind. While also maintaining the property with qualified tenants.

Tenant Review

Perform credit review, criminal background check, and financial qualifications of all applicants.


Without owner’s approval, we will not authorize repairs over $500 (except for emergency repairs).


Provide full accounting to the owner.


Provide owner with IRS 1099 form at the end of the year, and with a statement of expenses for each property to the owner for accurate and easy IRS reporting.


Timely payment of monthly proceeds to the owner.


Inspect premises during lease period to assess maintenance and tenant compliance of lease provisions.


Assess late charges for tenants. Withhold tenants security deposit for damage, non-payment, breaking the lease, carpet cleaning (if required).

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